Wednesday, October 31, 2007


MalaysiaToday 29 October 2007, published an Associated Press report by Sean Yoong titled “Malaysia’s former King grieves over public loss of trust in the judiciary”.

Sean Yoong in his report claimed that Sultan Azlan Muhibiddin Shah referring to recent events voiced his distress over the loss of confidence by the public in the judiciary.

What I found deeply offensive in the article was the manner, the writer made reference to HRH Sultan Azlan Shah. Sean Yoong throughout his article kept referring to HRH as “Azlan” as though HRH was his drinking buddy. Just look at the references of HRH made by Sean Yoong. “Azlan said”, “Azlan stressed”, “Azlan was the former king”.

This is nothing but a report by a ‘kurang ajar’ reporter who hardly has any respect for protocol and decency. In Thailand he would have been charged for lest majeste.

I think Associated Press owes Malaysia and Malaysians an apology.


With regret, I must disagree with the views of DAP Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng that UMNO is being insensitive and has hurt the feelings of Hindus by continuing to hold the UMNO General Assembly meeting on Deepavali day. Calling on UMNO to apologise to all Hindus is really unnecessary.

I am of the view that, the decision to hold the meeting is the prerogative and wisdom of UMNO. If M.I.C, being the Indian component party in Barisan Nasional is hardly upset, then why should DAP then kick up an unnecessary fuss.

Happy Deepavali.