Friday, July 11, 2008


The China Press, a couple of days ago reported that farmers in Cameron Highland are having difficulty getting their hands on chicken shit. According to the farmers there, there is a acute shortage of chicken shit thus causing the price of chicken shit to skyrocket. Before Chinese New Year it used to be RM 4 for a bag and now the price is RM6.50 and there are worrying signs that the price is going up further.

Farmers blame the shortage of chicken shit on the oil palm estates who because of skyrocketing price of non organic fertilizers worldwide, have turned to using chicken shit as manure. So next time if the fried chicken taste like shit, just blame the palm oil.

Such is the shortage for chicken shit, when one farmer said that where previously he could get his order of chicken shit every two days, he is now lucky if he can get some within a week. Sometimes the farmers have to wait up to a month!.

In the meantime, the chickens themselves are getting stressed out. What with duty to lay eggs, sacrifice themselves for meat and now they have to meet urgent deadlines for extra orders of shit. There is only that much nature can help!. If it goes on farmers may have to turn to politicians crap. Now! that’s definitely dangerous to health.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Tuesday, July 08, 2008


SJK(T) Kangkar Pulai was built in 1953 and was initially known as SRJK(T) Karai Nagar. In 1985, the school was made a sekolah bantuan penuh kerajaan and its name was changed to SJK(T) Kangkar Pulai.

The school is situated on a 0.6 acre land and has two double storey blocks of eight classrooms which is in a dilapidated state.

Infact the Public Works Department as early as 2002 after inspection stated “ bangunan ini tidak sesuai dijadikan bilik darjah kerana tidak mengikut keadaan semasa dan merbahaya untuk di gunakan.”. In its report it further advised the Education Department that “pihak kami mengesyorkan bangunan tersebut dirobohkan dan digantikan dengan bangunan baru”. Even Jabatan Bomba and Penyelamat after conducting an inspection of the school in 2002 found that among others “ Tangga keselamatan tidak mengikut ciri-ciri keselamatan yang diperakui JBDPM”, “Tiada pintu keluar keselamatan di belakang bangunan sekolah” and “ tiada alat keselamatan kebakaran”. In short the school is a death trap !.

The school has no field or vacant space and is prone to floods and is situated smack in the middle of a housing estate. The noise and din from the passing traffic does not provide a conducive studying atmosphere for the students. Students also have to make do without basic facilities like a school hall, computer lab or even a meeting room.

Despite all this shortcomings, SJK(T) Kangkar Pulai which has presently has 768 students has been for sometime among the country’s top scoring schools. In 2005, 17 students scored Seven-A’s in the UPSR examination.

On September 29, 2006 some 250 parents demonstrated in front of the school highlighting the dilapidated condition of the school.

In the immediate aftermath, Datuk Seri Samy Vellu said “I have directed the PWD to speed up work on the Tamil schools and have asked the department to furnish all the necessary requirements including the layout plans within week.”

The then Education Ministry’s parliamentary secretary Komala Krishnamoorthy confirmed that the Johor government had allotted land for the school and that construction works would begin in 2007.

The State M.I.C Chairman Datuk K.S Balakrishnan confirmed that a 2.69 ha land had been alloted by the Johor state government and further the Education Ministry has allocated RM5.4 million for the new school.

Now, in 2008 the new SJK(T) Kangkar Tebrau has yet to be constructed and even worst the land allotted for the construction of the school has been quietly taken away and instead the state government has given approval for the construction of a commercial project.


Yesterday’s (07.07.2008) STAR reported that the school authorities at top scoring SJK (T) Kangkar Pulai are fuming mad after finding out that the land promised to them for a new school has now been approved for a commercial project without their knowledge.

According to the School PTA Chairman K.Kanapathy, he has now discovered that although the Johor state government has in 2004 approved a 2.3ha land for the school and also gone on to announce a RM5.4million for the construction of the school under the 9th Malaysia Plan, the state executive council had instead on April 4, 2007 approved an application for commercial development. The state government has instead given a new piece of land for the school which is near a jungle and a quarry.

The state M.I.C Chairman Datuk K.S Balakrishnan, who was previously a state exco member now is unsure how the approved land for school has been converted. He now informs that the Johor Menteri Besar had been informed who in turn has instructed the Land Mines Department to give the land back to the school.
I think the Johor State Government has to give clear answers as to:-

1. What was the reason the state authority after having given approval in 2004 the land for the construction of the new SJK(T) Kangkar Pulai could then without informing the PTA SJK (T) Kangkar Pulai take away the land and approve it for a commercial project.

2. Why and how did the state authority on April 4, 2007 approve the application by the developers for the commercial project made in early 2006.

3. Has the land been sold to the developer by the state authorities?

4. If it has, how would it be possible and would it be possible now for Johor state to take the land from the developers and to give the land back for the construction of SJK(T) Kangkar Pulai.

5. The Johor state government is to be held responsible for taking away the land approved for the construction of the Tamil school and now has the responsibility to ensure that the land is taken back from the developers of the commercial project.

The Johor State government ought to realize that the school authorities had gone to great lengths to obtain the land and it is unfair for the state government to take the land back.