Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Philip Nadela (Philippines) 9 years old

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Azhar Idrus or as he styles himself as “Ustaz’ is a popular Muslim preacher with a strong following among the young Muslims. Internet savvy, I am told that his books sells thousands and in his books which is more of a question answer style. Can one eat cat’s meat ? Is it forbidden to wear kebaya (which incidentally according to him, can only be worn indoors), can one wear Liverpool’s jersey, is participating in public demonstrations permissible (which according to him is permissible. So, listen up, Bersih rally is halal!) and many other life’s questions troubling mankind. Add to all these, is his startling pronouncement on Muslims kissing Non-Muslim teachers hand.

In his book  “Anda Bertanya Ustaz Azhar Idrus Menjawab berkenaan dengan Permasalahan Umat “, there is a question :

Apakah hukum kita mencium tangan guru yang bukan Islam ?

Azhar Idrus’s answer ?

Hukumnya adalah Haram bagi kita mencium tangan orang kafir kerana itu tanda merendah diri kepada mereka, Islam tidak boleh rendah daripada agama lain kerana semua agama lain adalah batil dan bakal ke neraka.

How’s that for an answer to one of life’s troubling question.  He has turned a simple cultural gesture of the Malay community acceptable and appreciated by all communities into a forbidden practice. My mum was a teacher for almost two decades, and she used to heap praise on this little gesture which meant a lot for her. For her, that gesture was a sign of respect for the teacher or the students way of thanking her. In fact, now days, even Non- Muslim students have also adopted this gesture. 

Regretfully, its people like Azhar Idrus who unravel all the good effort done to bring all races and religions together in Malaysia. Its people like him who ensure that the country remain polarized, divisive and disunited.