Sunday, January 15, 2012


On December 29, two plastic bags containing four pigs heads were found outside the compound of Al-Falah Mosque, Taman Daya Johor Bahru. The following day, another plastic bag with five pig heads were found at the mosque's entrance.

Right thinking Malaysians irrespective of whatever race and religion were enraged by the incident and it was also unfortunate that even before police could commence their investigation, some groups did public protests which insinuated non-muslims and warning them not to insult Islam. Sadly, these groups conveniently forgot that when a mosque/surau was descrerated last year in Johor, suspicion immediately fell on the non-muslims but police investigations which then led to apprehending the perpetrators revealed that they were not non-muslims.

In the aftermath of the recent incident, Johor police chief  Dato Mokhtar Shariff on Monday January 2,made public that police have arrested four individuals including a teenager in connection with the incident. Another man, in his 40's was also being sought to assist in the investigation. The Johor Police Chief, Dato Mokhtar and his special police task force must be commended for swiftly investigating and arresting the perpetrators. Syabas dan tahniah Dato Ketua Polis Johor dan PDRM.

However, it is now more than two weeks since the arrest and questions are being asked by the public who rightly wants to know the status of the case and why those arrested have yet to be charged in court. Before the public start making wild speculations which many are already doing, those arrested should be charged soonest.