Wednesday, February 08, 2012


The month of February is usually the time when Nasruddin Hassan, the Ketua Pemuda PAS gets into a hissy fit. What gets up his goat is the February 14 Valentine’s day celebration which in his warped brain is apparently a day for illicit sex and orgies. So each year, we get to hear his pre-Valentine’s day pronouncements and also the public notice of his anti-vice and moral patrols. Tuesday’s STAR already carried his Youth Wing’s first statement which calls the government to take immediate steps to curb the Valentine’s day celebration. Expect more updates and especially from Nasty Nas as time nears though its rather strange that Nasty Nas is keeping quiet.

If only this arsehole know that for most people especially the young at heart the Valentine day has no religious significance whatsoever. It is celebrated just the way Mother’s day or Teacher’s day is celebrated. It is special day to appreciate someone special in their life. What usually happen is giving a bouquet flowers, little gift or going out to dinner. It is not a day for sex and orgies as thought of by Nasty Nas. But for Nasty Nas, it is a day for sex. Fullstop. If you want to have a good laugh you should have a read about Nasty Nas research equating Valentine’s day and New Year’s eve celebration for the increase in illegitimate births later in the year.

Still you can be assured that there will be no stopping Nasty Nas and his merry men. Expect them to make “turun padang memberi nasihat dan teguran” But yang pelik, turun padang berdiri luar 7-11 tegur orang Melayu beli rokok, that they won’t do. Pi cari suami-suami yang liat tak bayar nafkah… itu kerja susah. Buat kajian kenapa di pantai timur, ada highest incidence kes-kes HIV… ini nak guna kepala. Buat kajian kenapa incident rogol anak and sumbang mahram is higher among the Malay community… ini kajian ilmiah, nak pakai otak.

But Valentine’s day…. Fu Yoh….Berbuih di mulut.

Also next week is going to turn out to be a really busy week. Add to Valentine’s Day, Avril Lavigne is in coming to town. Yes, the Canadian singer is back for a one day concert on 18th February in Kuala Lumpur. In 2008, PAS Youth tried to get the government to ban the concert. According to them “bukan contoh terbaik untuk orang muda”. Thank god, good sense prevailed and the concert with on. So far, no update from Nasty Nas as to what they plan to do. Maybe stand outside the stadium and hand out risalah?

With a week to go to both the events expect Nasty Nas to be in the limelight.