Wednesday, March 23, 2011


(Adaptation from poem of Pastor Niemoeller)

First, they put a ban among some states that there were words we cannot use
because they belonged to their faith
and I did not speak out -
because to me they were just words.

Then, they placed a restriction on the sale of alkitab which could only be purchased from three centres in the country
and I did not speak out -
because I did not need to buy one.

Then they said we cannot use the word 'allah' because historically and religiously the word belonged to them and I did not speak out -
because I figured it is no big deal and we can use another term instead.

Then they put a ban on the import of Indonesian printed alkitabs because they contained the word 'allah'
and I did not speak out -
because MCA said we can print our own alkitabs.

Then they stamped on the alkitabs with an ugly chop "Home Ministry"
and serialized every copy
and I did not speak out -
because the alkitab is only a human book.

Then they said that the alkitab can be used by the east malaysian christians
in east malaysia
and I did not speak out -
because I was living in peninsula.

Then they declared that every copy of the bible or the alkitab has to be monitored because they were deemed to be a threat to national security
and I did not speak out -
because I can always look up for bibles online.

Then they finally came one day and said that my faith is considered dangereous
and subversive because we always challenge the government
and I did not speak out -
because my friends have been speaking out all the time.

But I, I have never spoken out anyway
and with time, because I have bent so backwards,
I found that I could no longer speak.

I found this poem from the web:
By Anthony Loke
From the website

Note by Norman Fernandez:

Malaysia is a really beautiful country blessed by God. Let us all of different races and creed live united in peace with each other. Let us all help build this country to become a great country. Let us all find deep in our heart mutual respect and trust. Let us not destroy Malaysia. God bless Malaysia.


The STAR at pg. N47 today published the full statement by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Dato Seri Idris Jala on the Bahasa Malaysia Bible issue.

It is reported " The Government has agreed to issue adirective so that future Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia can be brought in so long as these have the words "For Christianity" in Arial font, size 16 either printed at source or stamped at the receiving port". Now

Now all Christian must take note that the issue has not been settled. The minister's statement merely states that "government HAS AGREED to issue a directive". So note NO IMMEDIATE directive has been issued. Merely AGREED TO ISSUE !

Pray, why is the government still pussyfooting instead of settling the issue once and for all.

Since the issue is not fully settled, it naturally open up to other problems later.

Nohing prevents a reoccurence of a similar incident of Bibles been withheld again. Nothing prevents little Napoleans from playing God and withhold the release of Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia on the ground that no directive have been received. Further, since the statement as appearing in the STAR is the statement of a Minister of one ministry, can Christians now be assured that the Home Minister, Minister in Charge for Muslim Affairs or Jakim or even the State authorities will not issue any statement contradicting, disputing or even opposing the statement of Dato Idris Jala.

Another issue is what happens if an individual brings in a Bible in Bahasa Malaysia into Malaysia or have in his possession a Bible on Bahasa Malaysia. Must he also first get approval from the Home Ministry to be allowed to possess a Bible in Bahasa Malaysia and pending the Minister's reply be Bible be confiscated ? Must he despite for his own use must also ensure or be required to write "FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY", on the Bible. Will he in such situation be being allowed to possess the Bible or the Bible will be confiscated.

This are some of the unanswered questions which the Government must answer. Lastly, the Government must inform and direct all officers at airports and seaports that the government has with immediate immediate effect allowed Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia to be brought into Malaysia subject to the requirement the Bible to contain the words " For Christians Only" and further if there is no such print then the holder of the Bible be allowed to write the words " For Christians Only" and the Bible than be allowed to be brought in.

The Bible which is the Word of God is intended for ALL MANKIND and not only for Christians only. Nevertheless in order to preserve harmony, the new directive maybe a compromise. I however would prefer the words "FOR NON MUSLIMS ONLY" instead of "FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY".

Any Christian churches which require assistance in purchasing Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia may contact me at and I will try to assist. However, it MUST be used only for CHRISTIANS ONLY AND FOR CHRISTIANS OF SABAH AND SARAWAK ORIGINS ONLY.