Tuesday, September 03, 2013

KUALA LUMPUR: Pada kadar baru petrol RM2.10 seliter, bermula hari ini pengguna hanya mendapat 4.762 liter bagi setiap pengisian RM10.

Berbanding sebelum kenaikan iaitu pada kadar RM1.90 seliter, pengguna menikmati 5.263 liter petrol bagi pembelian kadar serupa.

Ini bermakna, dengan pengisian RM10 bermula hari ini, pengguna kehilangan 0.501 liter berbanding semalam.

Harga bagi 0.501 liter, jika pada kadar semalam adalah RM1.05.

Ini bermakna bermula hari ini, pengguna kehilangan nilai ringgit yang dibelanja sebanyak RM1.05 bagi setiap RM10 pengisian petrol mereka.

RM1.05, apabila didarab dengan 30 hari (sebulan), bersamaan RM31.05.

RM31.05 didarab pula dengan 12 bulan (setahun), pengguna akan kerugian RM378 setahun.

Itu jika mengandaikan pengguna mengisi petrol RM10 sehari. Jika pengguna mengisi lebih dari RM10, lebih banyak kerugian yang dialami.

Monday, September 02, 2013


Most of today’s newspapers front paged news about the nation’s biggest ever operation to flush out unwanted foreigners. Looking at the photographs, it would seem that the operation, code named Ops 6P Bersepadu where 135,000 personnel from the Immigration Department, Police, Armed Forces, RELA, Civil Defence, National Registration Department and local councils is only focussed on apprehending Indonesian and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants.

My question and maybe the rest of Malaysians would want to know, why Africans are not being apprehended. Don’t tell me the authorities do not know of the African colonies in Puchong, Nilai, Cyberjaya, Kepong, Subang and many other places. Folks, we can also do our part. Please assist the authorities by emailing or telephoning the authorities of the African hangouts, hideouts and colonies to enable the authorities to flush the illegal and unwanted Africans out. Consider this a national service.

By the way, here are some statistics about the Africans in Malaysia.

In 2012, 79,351 Africans entered the country and 25, 467 student visas were given. ( what happened to the rest ? Have they left the country or are they immigration offenders now ? What about the students ? Any checks done to find out if they are still enrolled as students or  they have gone AWOL?.

From Borneo post December 11, 2011
The then Deputy Home Minister Datuk Lee Chee Leong told the Dewan Negara that there are more than 25,000 Africans in Malaysia and 23,536 student visas were issued to Africans.

Bernama October 20, 2011
The then Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Khaled Nordin contradicts the Deputy Home Minister and said that there are 22,000 African students studying in Malaysia.

From Malay Mail, December 21, 2009
In 2008, 111, 805 Africans entered Malaysia both as tourist and students.

From Bernama December 06, 2009
Dewan Negara was informed that immigration statistics showed that 99,769 Africans entered Malaysia between January and October 2002.

From Malay Mail December 21, 2009
In 2001, 51, 383 Africans entered Malaysia

From Bernama February 03, 2002
An average of 300 Africans enter Malaysia monthly via Bukit Kayu Hitam according to Malaysian Immigration.

In January 2002, 372 Africans from countries such as Cameroon, Liberia, Mali, Angola entered the country via Bukit Kayu Hitam.

So, from the available statistics, there may be millions of Africans already in this country and the majority of them may have no business to be here in the first place. Remember the story in Utusan Malaysia December 18, 2012 which reported about an African who arrived in Malaysia with only his clothes on his back and then went on to build a RM400 million five star hotel back in Africa all from money earned by cheating people in Malaysia.

Folks! waves after waves of Africans maybe coming. Could the Home Office and the Immigration Department care to inform the Malaysian public as to why Africans from god forsaken countries can enter the country with ease. If the Immigration officers, do not let the Africans in, then the police need not go hunting for the Africans.

Anyway, let us all keep our politics aside, push human rights aside and help our enforcement personnel weed out the illegal immigrants. Just an advice to the enforcement personnel – PLEASE APPREHEND THE ILLEGAL AFRICANS