Thursday, February 25, 2010


Tuesday’s newspapers, reported the brutal killing of Mohd Shah Saemin, who was a driver at the Malaysian consulate in Sydney outside his home in Sydney.

What with the recent incidents of Indian students being attacked In Melbourne and with Australian politicians “meddling” in Malaysia’s internal affairs, it was just too good an opportunity for Malaysian newspapers not to have a go at Australia.

New Straits Times in its editorial leaned on the assumption that the brutal killing of a non white and in this case the killing of a Malaysian Malay was another example of Australian racism, lambasted Australia. Yup ! It’s white man Billy Bob, it assumed.

In its editorial, referring to Australia’s multi cultural population and foreign born citizens which now accounts for five million or 24 per cent of its population it said “ If these flaring of white Australian hostility against outlanders are the last gasp of an old disease, the resilience of the moderate majority should help see Australia and its burgeoning immigrant communities attain, in time, a new multiculturalism among Australians of all origins. It would help, however if Australia’s shapers of opinion and policy pulled their heads out of the sand and woke up to the antipathies on their streets before these dangerous divisions become entrenched beyond redemptions.”.

Strong words indeed and with New Strait Times immediately assuming that the killers of Mohd Shah Saemin must have been some white man Billy Bob and thus the pontification.
Today, its been a case of egg on the face.

The same paper today blaze headline that Mohd Shah Saemin could have been a victim in a crime of passion. And guess what ! its not white Billy Bob who is suspected of killing him. Instead, Indonesian born Hazairin Iskandar is being charged with the murder. Hazairin Iskandar? He definitely is not whiteman Billy Bob.

When NST in its pontification, asked Aussies to pull the heads out from the sand, its pretty obvious that our chaps here had their brains buried inside their arse.

As my dear mother, always said engage the brain before opening your mouth.