Friday, February 18, 2011


There is no doubt that seat allocation among Pakatan Rakyat component parties is going to be a very contentious issue. DAP, PAS and PKR will naturally be unwilling to give up to the other their "traditional " seats. Already we are hearing that there are those in PAS who are calling on the PAS leadership to take back seats which were given up by PAS to PKR. Within DAP too there are callls by members asking DAP to contest in the seats which DAP had given to PKR. PKR too will also seek to contest in DAP's seats.

Despite the jostling and horse trading for seats, it is most likely Pakatan Rakyat may use the present agreed formula and maintain the status quo.

I think the time has come for Pakatan Rakyat to agree that should a seat be allocated to a component party and thereafter should their party candidate on nomination day gives a walkover or after being elected either cross over to Barisan Nasional or becomes an independent assemblyman/parliamentarian, then the party forfeits the right to the seat in the next election.

If this is agreed then component parties of Pakatan Rakyat will be extra careful in selecting their candidates knowing very well that the party will not be given the said seat again should the representative walk out on the party.

One strike and you lose the seat ! Do you agree ?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Lim Guan Eng lambasted Barisan Nasional (BN) , accusing BN of extremism by using Valentine Day to practice its divide and rule policy. Strangely, he found no courage to condemn PAS when its Youth leader Nasruddin Hassan announced that PAS would initiate a "moral police" patrol to curb immoral activities allegedly associated with Valentine Day. Even worst, was Lim Guan Eng's muted silence in not rebuking Nasruddin Hassan who had the gall to direct Pakatan Rakyat state governments to work with the police, Rela, and religious authorities to curb ValeLim Guan Eng lambasted Barisan Nasional (BN), accusing BN of extremism by using Valentine ntine Day celebration among Muslims.
This is not the first time where DAP and in particularly Lim Guan Eng who is often quick top condemn BN but in order to endear to PAS, remains elegantly silent when PAS's leaders and in particularly Nasruddin Hassan makes extremist comments.
Ever since Nasruddin Hassan became PAS's Youth head, we are increasingly witnessing a militant who in truth is uncomfortable with Pakatan Rakyat, who does not subscribe to the Common Policy Platform and frankly cares two hoots about DAP. Yet, each time he makes irrational, extreme and uncompromising pronouncements, DAP's high echelon leaders scurry to limit the damage done while trying to assure the public that once again it was his own personal view and not his Party's (or Pakatan Rakyat's) stand. Make no mistake, the constant fire fighting and becoming an apologist for PAS is going to cause DAP dearly.
Nasruddin Hassan has a jaundiced view on Non Muslims. He has nothing but contempt and hatred with borderline Christian, Western and Non-Muslimphobia. How else can you define him. He opposes Non Muslims to be appointed as Deputy Prime Minister (in the event of Pakatan Rakyat taking over Putrajaya) on the ground that Muslims are enjoined not to take infidels as friends. He pronounces that Non-Muslim festivals namely Nerw Year and Valentine Day as day of sin and as the cause for babies being abandoned and dumped. He is the first to oppose any public conserts by western astiste on the ground that it would corrupt the minds of the young. He is known to be a fervent advocate that Malaysia must be turned into an Islamic state, never mind Islamic state is not an agenda of Pakatan Rakyat. It would seem that for him the Christians and the west have have personal agenda to corrupt the muslims to deviate.
DAP must remember the 1999 backlash by voters and why the voters and in particular the Chinese turned their backs and abandoned DAP. I fear that DAP may once again pay a heavy price should DAP mcontinue to molly cuddle PAS. The voters and in particular DAP's supporters want DAP to stand up for the proinciples it is known for. The voters do not want or need DAP becoming an apologist for PAS. It is best for DAP to remind PAS that Barisan Alternative unraveeled simply because of Hadi Awang's betrayal on the eve of the 1999 general election. Pakatan Rakyat may suffer the same fate and collapse should PAS fail to rein in their mad mullah's like Nasruddin Hassan.
Lim Guan Eng should openly admonish Nasruddin Hassan warning him the consequence of his irrirational pronouncements which are becoming quite regular. It is best that Lim Guan Eng remind him that Malaysia is a multiracial and multireligious country and Pakatan Rakyat represents multiracial and multireligious Malaysia, and knock into this loose cannon's head that we do not live in an age and time where extremist stands on morality are incongruous to the order of the day.
Would Lim Guan Eng have the gumption to do so ?