Wednesday, September 13, 2006


RR Mahendran was a lawyer in private practice in Johor Bahru. On the 5 th of September 2006, RR Mahendran passed away. He was 40.

His area of practice was civil law and quasi-criminal primarily specialising in Habeas Corpus applications for which he deservedly developed a reputation and respect. As a lawyer, he was thorough in his research, meticulous in the preparation, persuasive in his articulation and unrelenting in his mission. He had all the hallmarks of an excellent lawyer.

There is no denying that in his early years of practice he was more often than not dogged in some personal battle or embroiled in some controversy. In fact controversies found a friend in him and even at death it never left him. Many still remember his Anglo-Saxon address to a stunned judge.

But in the last two to three years there was a remarkable change in him. Perhaps he finally found in his wife, Susan his anchor. He became focused in his practice, developed a passion for golf and was a maniacal supporter of Liverpool though the team more often than not fell short of his expectation. He had was a zest for life.

He was generous in kind and cash to many worthy causes of the Bar. He donated freely.

RR Mahendran had his faults and his shortcomings – even at death. Who are we to judge his faults or cast aspersions on him. Did Jesus not say, let the man who had not sinned cast the first stone It is for him to make peace with his God and knowing him he will file a habeas corpus just to get a meeting with God to resolve matters.

Let us remember RR Mahendran above all as a lawyer, proud that he was one of us and more importantly he was from the Johore Bar.


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