Monday, December 04, 2006


The Star 1st December reported that the Barisan Nasional Johor State Assemblyman for Kemelah Ayub Rahmat defended the controversial action of the woman who sent an SMS alleging the baptism of Muslims (read and further said that the SMS senders should not be blamed as ‘it was a wariness over the possibility of apostasy reoccurring”.

For a start it is mind boggling that a Johor State assemblyman would waste precious assembly time and demean the august Assembly by raising not only an issue which occurred in another state (Perak) but worst of all insult non muslims and particularly Catholics, by showing solidarity with the woman.

If he has nothing much to say and which obviously he doesn’t have, then he should shut up and conceal his ignorance and stupidity. It would have been better if he had given others the opportunity to speak. Even stranger was his ignorance or the matter which almost disrupted peace, security and harmony so much so that police and the government had to step in and quickly resolve the issue. Obviously he was oblivious to all these and was beyond comprehension for this small minded and myopic politician.

Instead of ticking off the woman who sent the malicious and false SMS and the Muslim mob which descended and disturbed a religious celebration at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church Silibin, the assemblyman found no wrong and to add insult to injury makes an open pronouncement justifying and approving their action. Would he approve should a Christian mob pursuant to a malicious and unverified SMS descend and gather outside a mosque.?

While one does not expect Muslim assemblymen to rebuke the said Assemblyman for his idiocracy, what is perplexing was the indifference and the muted silence of Non Muslim assemblymen from MCA, MIC and GERAKAN who neither had the courage to immediately stand up and rebuke the assemblyman nor call on him to retract the statement let alone stand up and clarify the issue. These are the leaders voters have entrusted their votes to !.

Stranger still is the assemblyman’s logic that “wariness” was the reason for the Muslim mob to gather outside the Silibin Catholic church. Perhaps the assemblyman ought to know that wariness is never a justification for mob reaction. In fact in such situation it becomes all the more important that one should act and think rationally in seeking and verifying the truth. That’s what sensible right thinking people and people guided by religion would do.

The action of the Kemelah assemblyman maybe is the face of a future Malaysia. If leaders like the Kemelah assemblyman cannot think rationally, what hope is there for the flock.

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