Monday, February 25, 2008


I am the DAP candidate for STULANG. Although I did not succeed in 2004 when I stood in Stulang, I have continued to serve the people of Stulang and Johor Bahru as I had promised to do.

Stulang is a highly urban constituency with many housing areas and businesses. Many of the businesses like restaurant, shopping and entertainment centres located in Taman Pelangi and Sentosa are also the focal point of foreign visitors particularly Singaporeans to Stulang.

However, the people of Stulang faces problems with:-

Crime continues to be a problem. Barisan Nasional has failed to deliver its promise of lower crime. Snatch thieves...burglary…robbery and murders still happen and too frequently. No surprise Johor Bahru is known as Jenayah Banyak People live in fear and worry. Many people of Stulang and Johor Bahru have fallen victim. Some have have lost their lives. Many victims do not even bother to report due to the inconvenience of making police reports. The high incidence of crime also gives a bad image to Stulang and Johor Bahru. Stulang and Johor Bahru businesses rely much on foreign visitors. Crime is beginning to discourage visitors and as a result business drops.

Infrastructures like roads are in poor conditions. The roads in Stulang and Johor Bahru are in deplorable condition because of poor workmanship and it is poorly maintained. Potholes and uneven roads are everywhere. No surprise Johor Bahru is known as “Jalan Buruk” There are streets with poor lighting. Drainage in may areas is poor. All this pose a danger to the public. Open and green spaces are being lost to development and becoming coming rare.

Delivery system by the local council is still bureaucratic and continues to inconvenient the public. Unnecessary time is wasted when dealing with the local council. Local councils waste public taxpayers money with shoody workmanships and on other non priority things. Local Councils also waste money on study trips abroad which are in truth nothing but holidays. Local council regulations implemented without due consideration and implemented without proper consultation inconveniences business.

It need not continue to be like this. This election you have a choice . To continue to vote for Barisan Nasional who promised to deliver so much but on being elected failed on it promise or an effective and stronger opposition who is prepared to provide an effective check and balance to the government. You the voter have a choice to stand condemned repeating the past mistakes and failures or to change and give the opposition. You have a choice. You can change. You have the choice to vote for someone who is prepared to stand up for the people... speak without fear and dedicate service to the people. I am prepared… I am ready to serve… I promise to serve. Give me a chance.


I shall fight to ensure…

• Increase in the number of policemen
• Increased, continuous and consistent police patrol to reduce crime
• More neighbourhood police stations and police beat base.
• A more effective Rukun Tetangga
• Increase Chinese and Tamil speaking police personal at every police station in order to be able
to assist people who have difficult speaking Bahasa Malaysia.
• Installation of more CCTV’s in public places

• Local government elections to ensure accountability and efficiency
• No wastage of public and tax payers on projects of whims and fancies
• Demand well maintained infrastructures, facilities and public roads
• Ensure playground and open green parks and field in every housing areas
• Ensure local council policies and rule changes do not inconvenient local businesses and traders
• Ensure transparency, good governance and no corruption
• Ensure a people first local government
• Ensure that green lungs are not lost to development
• Streamline bureaucracy, reduce red tape and improve effectiveness
• Transparency, fairness and corruption free
• Good clean and a green environment
• Improve public transportation system and better road planning for a congestion free roads.
• Local councils to ensure sufficient and safe parking areas
• Johor State government to consider to permit and allow Singapore MRT service into Johor
Bahru and or to start railcar service between Johor Bahru to Woodlands, Singapore to reduce
congestion and to improve environment
• The building of more NGV petrol stations

• Ensure clear guidelines for procedures for obtaining business and trading licences
• More opportunities and more predefined places for petty trading activities
• Non harassment on petty traders by local council
• No discrimination on award of licences and permits
• Loans for those involved in small businesses and petty trading

• Ensure a squatter free Johor Bahru
• Ensure the poor is provided with affordable low cost houses
• Fair and transparent policies in the allocation of low cost houses
• Ensure that application procedures for low cost house simplified and to ensure loans be easily
and readily available for the applicants.
• Ensure that there are fair amount of land spaces allotted for the construction of places of

• Protect women’s right
• Respect and protect women’s dignity
• Ensure women are not discriminated on the ground of gender, age, marital status, race and
• Job opportunities, business and financial assistance for single mothers.

• Promote sense of patriotism and Malaysia First identity
• Ensure racial harmony, religious tolerance and appreciate multiculturalism
• Respect Islam as the official religion of Malaysia
• Ensure loyalty to the King and Country
• Honour and uphold the Federal Constitution
• Uphold good moral and the rule of law

• Loyalty to the Sultan of Johor
• Honour and uphold the Constitution of Johor
• Ensure patriotism and pride being a citizen of Johor

• Ensure foreign workers respect and uphold the law
• Local Council and police to monitor the presence of foreign workers
• Local Council, police and RELA to conduct regular spot checks on foreigners
• Local Council, police and RELA to ensure Johor free from illegal immigrants
• Local Council to ensure that foreign workers do not engage in whatsoever business especially
petty trading
• Ensure all foreign workers have legitimate and proper documentation
• Ensure foreign workers do not establish illegal housing settlements
• Local Council to ensure landlords renting premises to foreign workers to provide details to
Local Council