Friday, March 07, 2008


My name is Norman Fernandez. I am the candidate for DAP. In 2004 I was the candidate for Stulang N.45. Although I did not succeed, I have continued to serve the people of Stulang. I am once again contesting in Stulang. The truth, is that I am the underdog in Stulang and I am taking the might of BN-MCA. Add to that is another candidate from PRM who has dropped by into Stulang to contest election.

I urge you the voters of Stulang to vote for DAP, a party which has for 40 years fought to ensure your culture, language, education, religion and your constitutional rights are not eroded. For more than 40 years DAP has committed to the service and struggle for Malaysians. It is for this reason DAP continue to have the trust of the people.

You too can trust me when I say to you the voters of Stulang N.45 that :-

(i) I promise to use all my ability and resources to serve the people of Stulang.

(ii) I promise to voice out without fear the problems and concerns of the people of Stulang.

(iii) I promise to ensure that the all relevant authorities including the state government:-
(a) make Stulang crime free and safe for the people.
(b) that the local authorities (MBJB) provide quality service and good infrastructure
and amenities for the people of Stulang.

My motto “Dedikasi, Amanah and Prihatin”. That is what I promise you the voters of Stulang. I am committed to serve and ready to serve. Your vote and each and every vote will be an encouragement for me to serve you even better. Please vote Norman Fernandez. Please vote DAP.