Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dr M: The baffling thing is why Umno leaders so afraid of this kid

Following report appeared on Malaysiakini today. Below are some excerpts , you can read the full text here.
  • Umno was thrashed in the general election because of poor selection of candidates by ‘Sultan’ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and ‘Kid’ Khairy Jamaluddin
  • Umno has been turned into a “family party” where power is concentrated in the hands of Abdullah and his son-in-law.
  • “Of course, everyone knows that the list of candidates is chosen and submitted to 'Sultan' Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi) by state leaders but once it reached to the party president, somebody else takes over,” he said.
  • Saying that this nexus is destroying Umno, Mahathir told his audience with trademark sarcasm: “But this is just a rumour, don’t listen to my bad mouth!”
  • “The baffling thing is why Umno leaders so afraid of this kid. The ministers should have no problem to tenyeh (smash) this kid, but it seems that they are too afraid and I don’t know why,” Mahathir said.
  • “This leader is the country’s only prime minister to ever come from an opposition state (Penang)...,” said Mahathir.