Friday, April 25, 2008


Overeating – gorged themselves and ate too much of the people's money.
Heart failure – did not have a heart to really care about the rakyat.
Rectal cancer and constipation – did not expel all the shit from the system.
Diabetes – fondness for sweet things, i.e. saying sweet things to try and con the rakyat ( in plain English, lying)
Stroke – stroked too much of their own ego and became too arrogant.
Overworking – too busy running here and there cutting deals for own benefit.
Alzheimer's – forgot to play the proper role of an elected representative.
Obsessive-compulsive neurosis – obsession with cleaning, especially sweeping things under the carpet.
HP6 – a mutation of the deadly H5N1 ( bird flu) virus which manifests itself in the form of idiocy or semi-idiocy, thus the descriptor ' half past six ( HP6)'. Many members of the BN are infected. VD – Very Deaf. Did not listen to the grievances of the rakyat and did not heed the healthy advice and feedback from bloggers.
Color Bind – a form of visual impairment which is directly the opposite of being color blind. There is a fixation on color and everything must always be discussed in terms of 'color' – Malay, Chinese, Indian etc.
Liver problems – failure to de-Liver on promises.
'Inverted Cerebranus' – a new form of disease where the cerebrum and anus are transposed causing highly irrational and objectionable behaviour, like brandishing ancient weapons and ranting racial slurs and threats.
Prognosis Not good and definitely a terminal case. Chances of recovery are 1 in a gadzillion, about the same odds as Osama converting to the Jewish faith and becoming a messenger of world peace.
Cure No known cure. Euthanasia recommended. Suggest to drink lacquer – at least it will ensure a beautiful finish.
-By Political doctor