Sunday, June 29, 2008


This is the picture of Hamidah Osman. This UMNO-BARISAN NASIONAL racist bitch is the Perak Legislative Assembly member (ADUN) for Sungai Rapat. I really wanted to call her a PIG but that would have unneccessarily insulted Pigs.

During the Assembly sitting, she uttered a racial slur against Indians. Nothing surprising as she simply joins an illustrious list of racist bigots from Barisan Nasional-UMNO politicians who when unable to engage the brain, suffered intelligence blackout and immediately puked racist slurs.

She is unfit to hold public office and never again must good Malaysians elect her. She should hang her head in shame. She owes an apology to all Malaysians. Good Malaysians can do without her and those like her.

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  1. Norman,

    You're right in calling her a Bitch. I'll call her super bitch.

    She has just insulted my religion by showing to Malaysians that Islam condones racism.

    Dogs and Pigs are superior to Bitches like this who no doubt don the tudung and plead religiousness, are actually the total opposite.

    F&$KING BITCH !!!