Thursday, June 26, 2008


A few days ago, DAP Johor was alerted by members of public of a commentary titled “Mendaulatkan Islam Yang Terbantut” posted in

Our attention was drawn to a segment of the article and it is produced herein.

“…sekiranya PAS ingin melaksanakan undang-undang Islam, sewajibnya PAS
perlu menghantar wakil-wakilnya ke Parlimen sehingga menjadi suara

Dengan itu, jika PAS mahu melaksanakan hukum Allah, sewajibnya Pas perlu
menguasai kawasan DUN-DUN dan Parlimen-Parlimen. Justru itu, jika PAS
ingin menguasai DUN dan Parlimen, sudah pasti PAS perlu menghantar wakil
untuk bertanding di DUN-DUN dan Parlimen-Parlimen yang sudah
dimenangi PKR dan DAP.

Dalam kes ini, jika diharapkan dengan petugas-petugas sahaja agak susah
untuk pihak PAS merebut kerusi di DUN-DUN dan Parlimen-Parlimen yang
sudah dimenangi oleh PKR dan DAP, tetapi antara cara yang paling kuat
untuk “mengambil” kerusi itu adalah dengan membanyakkan cawangan-
cawangan PAS, yang dengannya PAS adalah golongan menguasai sesuatu
DUN atau Parlimen.

Apabila ini dapat dibentangkan dihadapan pihak DAP dan PKR, sudah pasti
mereka tidak boleh lagi hendak beralasan dengan mendakwa bahawa
sesuatu Dun atau parlimen itu milik mereka, yang dengan itu, walaupun
agak susah mereka terpaksa menyerahkan kerusi DUN atau parlimen itu
kepada PAS.”

I am gob smacked reading it. Occasionaly similar or like views do appear in blogs of inviduals but in the spirit of freedom of speech, such views can be tolerated and dismissed as an individual’s mussing however warped those views are.

However, in this instance, when such views appears in the party’s official website it naturally raises concern. It has to be deemed to be the party’s stand. In essence, the article reveals PAS plans for power grab and the extent it is prepared to go in order to achieve its aim. Naturally, it makes disturbing reading for Pakatan Rakyat’s coalition partners DAP and PKR

The open declaration and revelation by PAS of its actual and true agenda is not on callous but most disturbing. It may not be wrong to conclude that in truth PAS gives two hoots about its alliance with DAP and PKR. The end justifies its means and even if it means riding rough shod over its Pakatan Rakyat partners DAP and PKR.

It is high time PAS (and other parties in Pakatan Rakyat) realize that their success in the 2008 General Election was because each needed the other and each had to help the other. That’s the reason why the people supported and voted Pakatan Rakyat. People did not vote DAP or PKR or PAS. They voted Pakatan Rakyat.

Thus, when one party is not prepared to work together with its partners for the greater good of all and common goal but instead designs its own personal agenda and charts its own road to power grab, it can ultimately result only one thing – certainty of another failed alliance.

History has shown that opposition parties in order to challenge Barisan Nasional’s hegemony had in the past had attempted to form or replicate something similar to Barisan Nasional’s coalition. Unfortunately for one reason or another all the attempts did not last long.

Harakah Keadilan Rakyat (1986), Angkatan Perpaduan Ummah (1990), Gagasan Rakyat (1995), Barisan Alternatif (1999) ought to be a reminder to parties in Pakatan Rakyat how alliances formed with fanfare and hope in the end due to personal and conflicting agenda floundered and failed.

Should parties in Pakatan Rakyat and in this instance PAS fail to learn the lessons of past and instead work against each other, it would only mean that Barisan National need not do anything towards Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat will destruct by itself.

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  1. I have never trusted PAS and never will.