Friday, June 20, 2008


Reading, Kosmo June, 19 I came across an article about KRU Films new movie Notti. According to the movie’s lead actress Fara Fauzana, she is to play the role of five characters. No doubt it may be daunting to play that many roles but it is not impossible or that it has never been done. Afterall, a Tamil box office currently playing in the cinemas has the lead actor taking on ten roles including one that of George Bush!

Anyway, it not her multiple roles that caught my attention but her revealation that among the roles she would be playing would be “Watak orang jahat pula melakukan kerja seperti membunuh dan menjual dadah. Itu adalah watak orang Cina”.

Now hear it clearly- the murderer and the drug trafficker character is to be a Chinese. We can safely assume that Notti being a Malay movie, it is targetted for the Malay audience. That being the case, what’s the big idea of specifically making the murderer and the drug trafficker in a Malay movie to be a Chinese. Are the movie producers sending the message that murderers and drug traffickers are exclusively or usually Chinese? I am not saying that there are no are no Chinese who are murderers or drug traffickers but equally there are murderers and drug traffickers also from the Malay community.

Crime is never associated and or ought to be associated with any one community. To do that is simply being racist. Notti being a Malay movie, could the directors not make the baddies also from the same community. Will there be a problem if it is done? But as it is now done, it is nothing more than racial stereotyping or at the very least mischief making. Since the lead actress is already playing four other roles, no harm will be done if she also plays the role of the murderer and drug trafficker without the neccessity for her to step into another community’s shoes.