Friday, July 11, 2008


The China Press, a couple of days ago reported that farmers in Cameron Highland are having difficulty getting their hands on chicken shit. According to the farmers there, there is a acute shortage of chicken shit thus causing the price of chicken shit to skyrocket. Before Chinese New Year it used to be RM 4 for a bag and now the price is RM6.50 and there are worrying signs that the price is going up further.

Farmers blame the shortage of chicken shit on the oil palm estates who because of skyrocketing price of non organic fertilizers worldwide, have turned to using chicken shit as manure. So next time if the fried chicken taste like shit, just blame the palm oil.

Such is the shortage for chicken shit, when one farmer said that where previously he could get his order of chicken shit every two days, he is now lucky if he can get some within a week. Sometimes the farmers have to wait up to a month!.

In the meantime, the chickens themselves are getting stressed out. What with duty to lay eggs, sacrifice themselves for meat and now they have to meet urgent deadlines for extra orders of shit. There is only that much nature can help!. If it goes on farmers may have to turn to politicians crap. Now! that’s definitely dangerous to health.


  1. At this moment , we do not have shortages of craps from bn.
    Although the bn lost 2 / 3 majority , we still have ample craps churns out from bn and from the corrupted civil service.
    Maybe some "bright" MP's from bn will suggest that all bn members contributes their shit to farmers.
    KJ can always be the middleman as usual and gets a cut.
    As ordinary folks we all know that inflation have reached 20 %.
    Only pak helah will twist the figure at 6 %.

  2. They could always try kentucky fried shit to speed up the toilet habits of chickens. Beak licking good shit! lol.

    But no, then we might get 'mad chicken disease!'