Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Politics of PKNS

Six staff bodies of state agency Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) have objected to the appointment of a senior official as acting general manager on grounds that she is Chinese.

Malaysiakini reports that Low Siew Moi was set to retire as PKNS’ deputy corporate affairs and accounting manager this month.

However, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim (right) recently appointed her as acting GM to replace outgoing general manager Harun Salim.Low, 57, a trained accountant, has served PKNS for 35 years with her last post being deputy GM for corporate development.In their joint memorandum dated Oct 25 to Khalid, the staff associations said:

“PKNS was established for Malays and to fulfill the Malay agenda. Because of this, the organisation needs to be led by a Malay.”

“However, leading PKNS would need certain leadership criteria, among them, rapport with all staff and associations and ability to communicate with different levels of personnel.”

The memorandum stated that, as PKNS conducts activities that are spiritual in nature, its leader must understand and practice Islamic values. “In other words, the one who will become the general manager will be the ‘imam’ for all the staff,” the signatories said.

Harris Ibrahim pops the question if Pakatan Rakyat is perpetuating raced based politics and governance.

Meanwhile PAS has volunteered to find a more "suitable" candidate .


  1. PKNS - is it a religious organisation that its leadership must act as imam to all its staff. Is it an organisation formed for the interest of Malay alone or for the development of all the people of Selangor State. If those questions are answered in the affirmative, then it should be called by another name and its business and charter should be accordingly made clear to all concerned.

    It saddens me to note that after March 8, political landscape has not shifted by much and Pakatan components remains raced based politians serving their own self-interest.

    I would surmise that Rakyat is sick of race based politicians and opted to vote Pakatan in as there was no other choice on March 8, 2008. I would not be surprised that before the next general election, a third political force would emerge with more liberal, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious leaders who could reflect a truely Malaysian society whose rakyat wants someone to helm an organisation based on meritorious grounds, i.e. ability to lead the organisation to greater heights such as PKNS.

    I am acquainted with Ms. Low Siew Moy and I know she has vast experience, knowledge and compassion to lead PKNS notwithstanding it is an organisation staffed by overwhelming majority of Malays due to past recruitment policies.

    A truely and patriotic Malaysian

  2. This is a classic example what the racist UMNO led BN government has produced in Malaysia in the last 51years. It is not about the best person or meritocracy. It is all about racist policy. Even after 50 years of independence, the mentality of these people is same as off stone age. This is worst than the aparthaid policy of the white supermist of South Africa. Hats off to UMNO and the Malays.

  3. No wonder PKNS is loosing money and is involved in funny deals The GM is an imam and not a businessman. I wonder if indeed PKNS imam was able to work with the conscience knowing that it is involved with shady land deals and is undermined by warlords.

    Q: What if a chinese muslim is heading it? Would that person be less malay?

    And if chinese muslim can lead, why not a chinese who is equally devastating with result?

  4. PKNS politics.Much2 more people were talking about this..i wonder whether it is true.