Thursday, November 27, 2008


Yesterday in the Johor Legislative Assembly, Gwee Tong Hian (DAP Bentayan) asked why the Sultanah Fatimah Hospital in Muar had rejected a blood donation drive organised by the DAP. Apparently an officer from the hospital told him that the rejection came from higher authorities.

Now here comes the reply ! (as reported in today's STAR pg.29). Responding to his query State Womaen, Family, Welfare and Health Committee chairman Dr Robiah Kosai is reported to have replied:-

"it was better that blood donation drives be organised by NGO's, voluntary or religious bodies rather than political parties."

"She contended that if a blood donation campaign was organised by a political party those with a different political view might not want to participate in the donation".

"If the DAP organised a blood donation drive, those from UMNO may not donate their blood during the campaign."

This is an answer from a doctor- politician !. Abraham Lincoln once said " Better to remain silent and thought of as a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." Dr Robia Kosai's reply has no doubt removed that doubt.

It is simply amazing how low some will be prepared to stoop, to the extent that they can even politicise blood. Since UMNO members may be reluctant to receive blood from those who are not from UMNO, perhaps the members could inform the hospital authorities that should they ever need blood transfussion, the blood should come from their fellow members own.

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  1. AMAZING, WE EVEN HAVE MORONS AS DOCTORS. Personally, I have a rare blood type and am a donor, and used to be called up all hours of the day or night if there was an emergency, anyway I eat pork and I once asked the muslim doctor in this very well known govt hospital, what if a muslim needs my blood, than how? The reply from the doctor was this, when a person is dying or will die, do you think he is going to bother about what you eat, its survival they are worried about not pork. BTW I HAVE BEEN DONATING SINCE 1978, SO GO FIGURE HOW MANY LIVES I SAVED. I DO IT AS A HUMAN BEING NOT GARBAGE POLITICS.