Friday, December 26, 2008


The Chinese represents 11 per cent of Kuala Trengganu’s 80,229 voters. That’s about 8,825 Chinese voters. Any political analyst will say that the Malay voters are split between Barisan Nasional-UMNO and PAS. A few spoilers have also joined the fray. In such a situation, the Chinese voters suddenly find themselves king-makers and will be courted by both BN-UMNO and PAS.

It seems the charm offensive has already started.

Thursday’s STAR Metro reports that the State MCA Chairman Toh Chin Yaw, announced that some 8,0000 people from the Chinese community in the state will be receiving ang-pows to celebrate Chinese New Year. Some RM2.5 million has been allocated for the purposes and distribution will start between January 3 and 5 next year. Qualified household earning less than RM1,500.00 per month, handicaps, single mums, senior citizens over 65 will receive between RM 200.00 to RM 400.00. Ah! How perfect the timing !.

Anyway, after being called “penumpang” and “pendatang”, RM200.00 to RM400.00 to the Chinese community is a small gesture planned to coincide with the Kuala Terengganu by-election. One famous politician once said, “kalau dia bagi, ambil aje tapi bila hari mengundi tau lah nak buat apa”.

One thing is certain. This is just the beginning and in the coming days more goodies will flow.
Hope the Chinese there would remember the penumpang slur, controversies. pendatang remarks, the detention of Theresa Kok, the arrest of Sin Chew newspaper reporter, the various protest and demonstration, objection to centralised and modern pig farming, objection to the appointment of the acting general manager of PKNS, the road signage and many other issues when considering who to vote for.

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