Friday, June 04, 2010


Malaysia and most Malaysians has been robust in their condemnation of Israel for its lethal seizure the Turkish flagged ship the Mavi Marmara which was attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to blockaded Gaza and for the tragic death of nine civilians onboard who were killed when Israeli commandos stormed the ship. As usual, we witness the all too common demonstration, burning of the Israeli and United States flags and which culminates with a march to the United States embassy to handover memorandum and protest.

While we rightly condemn Israel for its latest act and denounce Israel for continuing with its blockade of Gaza, the Malaysian government, Malaysians, political parties and Muslim NGO fail to condemn Egypt which has enjoined Israel in blockading Gaza. Never are there, demonstrations and denunciations against the Egyptian government, burning of the Egyptian flag or the march to handover memorandum and protest note to the Egyptian embassy.

Following Hamas’ military coup in 2007, Israel has since then imposed a full blockade of Gaza, turning the coastal territory of 45 km long by 5-12 km into an open air prison. However, those vociferous in condemning Israel conveniently ignore and fail to denounce Egypt’s role and its complicit in Israel’s blockade of Gaza. If Israel maintains a complete siege and blockade of Gaza, Egypt further tightens the blockade by constructing a 14km- long wall made of super strength steel and which extends 18 metres underground.

For Gazans’, the movement of people and goods (unless through the illegal smuggling tunnels) to and from Gaza into Egypt is through Rafah- which does not pass through Israel. Even then this entry point is policed, secured and kept closed by Egypt, only to be opened intermittently.

Thus, it is high time those demonstrating in the streets of Kuala Lumpur and other towns in Malaysia and condemning Israel and the United States, reroute instead their anger, protest against the Egyptians. Egypt too is guilty for causing Gaza and Gazans’ to suffer. Malaysians for a change must condemn and denounce Egypt.

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