Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Came across this picture which appeared in the STAR of Hindus and Muslims in India PRAYING TOGETHER. Had such a ceremony taken place in Malaysia there would have been a chorus of disapproval.

How I wish something like this can happen in Malaysia. No point in wishful thinking, I guess!


  1. Norman,
    Where are you living ha?
    Malaysia lah not BOLIH LAND.

    Without the Malays realised actually most of the UMNO brain DNA if can be split we will found INDIAN are there.

    Actually the Malays also outsource their brain but the Malaysian Indian still a crap.IF this outsource BRAIN can unite Indian its will be wonderfull.

    What to do,you will write and i will SHOUT.
    rajraman666.why take u so long to post my comments anilnetto cut and paste?.

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  3. The Muslim will be termed liberal and Hindu's will be arrested for causing confusion.

  4. Rare sight indeed.
    Such simultaneous multi religion prayer occurred few times.
    Few years ago the tidal wave which perishes some hundred thousand of lives , i recalled Phuket Island of Thailand held several simultaneous multi religion prayer ceremony for the victims.
    Such occasion normally for large number of deaths,unaccountable victims and mass burials.
    Will be even lesser if praying for world peace !.

    No matter what your religion is , who you are , what you are ,name of your god , the name of my god , name of your saviour , name of my spiritual teacher ,
    how you pray and how other people of other faiths pray .
    The end objective is the same .
    It is just your style versus my style sort of thing .

    Some people from some religion are so against using or lighting up joss sticks. But they are okay with the "kemayan".
    Some are total freaks who won"t touch both the above , but they are okay with flowers.
    All the 3 items equal to just one thing in common. That is aroma.
    Aroma calms the mind and able to offer peace to any state of mind.

    So , why cant everybody prays together ?
    Example , Badawi can brings his hadhari quran and prays on his mat facing Mecca , SemiValue brings his God Siva , OngKating brings his Lord Buddha , DonaldLim brings his bible, Virgin Mary and cross and i brings my Kuan Tai .
    This will be in the spirit of "muhibbah" . Right or wrong?
    Why ? If i can tolerate yours and not poke fun at the way you pray, why can't you tolerate mine?

    Malaysian do need more of the open dialogs among her citizens.
    If we are neighbours , we get to see each other everyday as well as greets each other daily.
    Why not prays together? The goal of praying is a common goal.
    But the government closes it .
    This means we Malaysian are worse off .Using the religion as a trump card for certain political interest to be relevant?

    YOu have an open mind , i have an open mind.All of us reading this have an open mind. Safe to say , we all claims to be to have an open mind. So , why not we try to do a "defection".
    Defection is a common word these days after the March 8th general election. We have both from the BN and PR using the word "defect ".
    Will you "defect" to my religion and i "defect" to yours?
    Lets try for a few weeks or months.
    If we do not try , how do you really know which is which and which is better or more suited for you? End of the day the objective is the same !

    Who say it is a different subject and i am out of tune here?

    Did you or didn't you said that you have an open mind?
    As for me, the person who is sitting down here typing these for you to read , I let you decides how open is your mind.
    I am from a family of Muslims who went to Sunday school and yes, i read the Bible for a few years.

    And no , i am not a muslim nor a christian.I still have the Bhagawa-gita with me. It is a very thick book.I read all of the 3 above. As i need to look for "something".
    Well , it is "something".
    "something" that i can relates to.
    This maybe is the reason i can write all this.
    Glad i found last.

    * ....... as i do not want to "cloudy" your open mind.

    Thanks Norman, for putting this long long comment.
    If you can tolerate this , you already have an open mind.
    That is why Malaysian really need open talks on religion.