Monday, August 11, 2008

psycho history teacher at SMK Telok Panglima, Selangor

Recently, about 500 angry parents and other members of the Indian community gathered outside the school to stage a protest over racial slurs and abuse allegedly uttered by a teacher against Indian students recently.

The slurs by the teacher was apparently included in the police report and it somehow managed to appear on the The Star's online version, although it appears to have been taken down afterwards. Blogger Poobalan managed to post the original Star report.

Caution - The words mentioned might put off some. Read it here.

In the aftermath,

“She also said that she did not expect things to become so serious and has agreed to be transferred to another school,” said Senator T. Murugiah, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department , who visited SMK Telok Panglima Garang.

Truly 'Cemerlang - Gemilang - Terbilang'


  1. Charge her under Seditious Act and ISA.

    Ban her forever for teaching racism.

  2. Who is this Murugiah. Another running dog of the UMNO led BN Government. How dare he is to say that the matter is solved and the aggrevated parties should forget the incident. This traitor from MIC has no business in this matter. MIC does not represent the Indian community. We had to highlight this incident to the highest level so that let it be a lesson to all those malay racist teachers whose has been getting way with this kind of behaviour. This Murugiah dog, a traitor should not be allowed to handle this case. The teacher concern must apologize in person to parents.

  3. Support petition at


  4. Dear Norman

    Thanks for the posting on the female history teacher who had uttered racial slurs on her students.
    Calling her "psycho" does not really help. You are in fact provising her an excuse for wht she did!
    "Psycho" suggests that she was not of sound mind or she did not know what she was doing.
    The truth of the matter is that she was (still is?) a racist -- a byproduct of a political party which believes and makes no qualms about boasting that they are far superior than any other race in this country.
    Very tragically too, the education system promotes such racism!
    Martin Jalleh

  5. Read below article posted in Malaysia Today

    Racial abuse teacher gets 'a better deal

    BANTING: It obviously pays to hurl racial abuse at students, going by what happened to the teacher who did so at a school here.
    The 35-year-old history teacher from SM Telok Panglima Garang was not only transferred to a smart school but to one located nearer her house.

    To add insult to injury, no disciplinary action was taken against her.

    It is understood that her letter of transfer stated that she was being transferred due to concerns for her security and not because she had committed an offence.

    Several parents and non-governmental organisations gathered in front of the school yesterday demanding an explanation from the headmaster for letting her off with just a slap on the wrist.

    However, the headmaster refused to meet them, saying the matter was no longer related to the school since the teacher had been transferred.

    Coalition of Indian NGOs secretary G. Gunaraj said the transfer showed the teacher had got away scot-free.

    "In fact, she even got a better deal. She is now in a better school and one that is nearer to her house."

    He said this set a dangerous precedent as others may think they too can get away scot-free uttering racial slurs.

    He said the Education Ministry should be serious in tackling the issue as what the teacher had done could affect racial harmony.

    Gunaraj said some teachers in the school were blaming the affected students for lack of a history teacher.

    "This should not be the case. Does it mean that students should keep quiet, no matter what a teacher does?"

    In the incident last month, the teacher allegedly told students of a certain ethnic group in a Form Four class that she "wanted to test their level of patience" and then began abusing them with derogatory words.

    She even wrote the words on the blackboard. Two students later lodged police reports against her.

    Several days earlier, she had allegedly entered a Form Five class and called the students using a derogatory word. She also accused them of being gangsters and thieves.

    She was also alleged to have ordered the boys to do push-ups. When some of them could not do so, she allegedly stomped on their backs.

    Last Monday, nearly 500 parents and members of the public gathered to protest in front of the school.

    Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong said the ministry had instructed the State Education Department to initiate an inquiry and that the teacher "had some explaining to do".

    State Education director Ashah Samah said she had wanted to transfer the person out of the state but had acceded to a request from the teacher to remain in the district.

    She said the transfer letter was issued by the district education department and that she would investigate claims that security had been stated as the reason for the move.

    sigh.....Hopeless country

  6. im still dont understand...why there`s no stern action taken against this teacher......She supposed to b sacked / demoted , coz she lost the intrgrity as a a racist can become a history teacher...its a shame for our education.....

  7. T Murugiah is from the People's Progressive Party, a non-member together with Kayveas who had fabricated and hijacked the throne of the PPP through dubious means.

    Due to this Murugiah had to obey the commands of UMNO leaders and had agreed to the tranfer of this racist teacher to another school to close this matter.

    RACIAL DISCRIMINATION is a very serious CRIME in our multi-racial society and should be treated very strictly to avoid sensitiveness.

    This racist teacher should have been EXPELLED to avoid further occurrence of this nature.

    Its also time to GET RID of this 'incompetent' Murugiah.