Thursday, February 02, 2012


Here is an advertisement which had appeared in the Malay and English newspaper. Since, Tamil is not my mother tongue and thus I cannot read Tamil, I can only assume that a similar advertisement would have appeared in the Tamil and Chinese newspapers.

It is a Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia course offered by Johor Skills Development Centre. Among the certificate courses offered for the March intake are among others, electrical, electronic, pipe fitter, industrial mechanics and panel-beaters. The duration for these certificate courses are for about 12 months.

Here is what is attractive about this course. I have bulleted with comments.

“Terbuka kepada lepasan SPM dengan lulus Bahasa Malaysia, boleh menulis, membaca dan berminat dalam bidang kemahiran.”

Comment:      These courses offered by Johor Skills Development Centre is opened to ALL. That means INDIANS included.

“Elaun akan diberi setiap bulan.”

Comment:      Imagine, Johor Skills Development Centre not only conducting the courses but also giving monthly allowance to the participants.

“Yuran pengajian ditaja sepenuhnya oleh kerajaan.”

Comment:      How good can it get. How often can you get a good deal like this. Study for free.

“Asrama dan Pengangkutan disediakan dengan kadar bayaran minima bagi mereka yang memerlukan.”

Comment:      Really. It cannot get any better than this. Even your hostel and transport is taken care off.

Imagine, a course where you can obtain a skills certificate where you need not pay for the course, monthly allowance given and hostel and transportation is provided. If a course with such a deal is offered say in Java Indonesia, there will be a queue from Java island to Papua, all wanting to enroll.

Now, Indian youths particularly those who have dropped out of school should take the opportunity and enroll in this course. There is so much to be gained and it may be life changing and a start to uplifting their life and perhaps lifelihood.

Sometime ago, some Indians complained that when they tried to apply for jobs in the local councils, they were rejected because they did not have a Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia. Perhaps now, Indian youths can after obtaining the certificate then can apply for jobs with the local councils. If that fails at least you have an opportunity to find a better paying job or even start your own business.

Just the other day, a plumber came and did some work and charged me RM200.00. Imagine getting two jobs a day. That RM400.00 a day which can work out to about RM12,000.00 per month.

If only, Indians would take the little opportunities offered…. 

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