Friday, July 13, 2012


For as long as I known, the grass cutters I have seen have been exclusively Indonesians. One can see them in the housing areas and sometimes along the roads and highways. You may have seen them, wearing a straw hat, face covered with a morning towel and sometimes wearing spectacles and cutting grass using the mobile grasscutter that looks like a simple contraption. I have yet to see an Indian grasscutter or ever known an Indian who has been given a prestigious grass cutting contract by the government or even the local authorities.

The Sun newspaper on Wednesday July, 12 published an interview with P. Kamalanathan, MIC’s Information Chief and Member of Parliament for Hulu Selangor where he answered a range of questions. This question really caught my eye.

Question by Sun

How is MIC helping Indian youths ?

Answer by P. Kamalanathan.
“ In my constituency, we identified 240 Indian Youths and sent them to a college offering courses such as GRASS CUTTING, wiring etc…”

Isn’t it amazing to see that P. Kamalanathan and MIC  gushing with great pride for helping Indians become grasscutters. After 54 years of independence, empowering Indians as grasscutters is seen to be the height of achievement by MIC.

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