Tuesday, September 04, 2012


The Star today reported that a Nigerian living like a king in his little palatial hideout in Lukut, Port Dickson was arrested by the police suspected of running a multi-million drug syndicate.

Here’s the news truncated :

  • 32 year old Nigerian 
  •  living a life of luxury in his bungalow house 
  •  police investigation revealed that suspect been operating in this country for less than a year own a hotel in his home country paid for with the money gained from his illegal activities 
  •  police seized two cars a BMW and a Toyota Camry.

 In all probability : 

  • The African would have entered this country as a student 
  • registered for English language or Business Administration foundation course 
  •  the college would be a non descepit institution most likely mired in severe financial difficulty.

 Frankly, his is really a success story. Imagine in less than 6 months of arriving in this country he lives a life a life of luxury and could even buy a hotel back home cash.

I am not sure if Malaysia is fighting a losing battle against the African menace although the Malaysian public owes an immense gratitude to the Royal Malaysian Customs, particularly at KLIA for having hawk eyes in being able to spot and arrest these African drug traffickers. Still, I sometimes  wonder, for the best effort of our custom officers in arresting just one drug trafficker trafficker, how many other traffickers would have got away.

Last week, six people from Zambia, Iran and Nigeria were arrested in KLIA, Puchong and Damansara for drug smuggling with a street value of RM7 million. Last year, 154 Africans were arrested for drug trafficking and this year until April, 57 Africans have been arrested. Clearly, together with the Iranians, Africans have not only become a menace but a serious security threat.

The government has recently introduced certain measures to vet Africans who want to come to Malaysia to study but I believe the government should also vet througly and be really satisfied that any African arriving as a tourist is a genuine tourist. Draft a set of protocols which Africans need to satisfy and comply before they are allowed entry into the country.  If Sambo arrives at KLIA with a fresh passport and he prior to coming to Malaysia has never ever left his bush and arrives in Malaysia with US1,000 a return bus-ticket to Hadyai and the reason for coming to Malaysia is because he wants to see Petronas Twin Tower and gives an address in Puchong, just put him on the next flight back home.

Anyway, just received an email that the chap below is planning to come to Malaysia and enroll as a student in a local institution. Hope the authorities keep a watch for him. 

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