Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The latest decision by Kedah PAS led government's restrictions on public performances during Chinese New Year including a ban on female performances should be ample proof and a sober reminder to all  Muslims that PAS is a real danger to Non-Muslim.

In recent months Malaysians and particularly Non-Muslims have witnessed a sampling of what life under PAS would be, from the apprehending Non-Muslims for Khalwat, to the harassment and issuing summonses against unisex hair salons, to opposing cinemas, to objecting the sale of liquor and demanding curtailing the sale of alcohol to not allowed to wish Christians, Merry Christmas to  the flip-flop on the right to Non-Muslims and Christians to use "Allah".

PAS has not changed and PAS remains uncompromising, unrelenting in its goal to achieve its final agenda. It wants to impose its brand of Islam and Ketuanan Islam on Non-Muslims. The question for Non-Muslims and Non-Muslim voters is simple : Are you prepared for a life under PAS ?

PAS slogan "PAS For All" is now exposed as nothing but  fraudulent and deceitful ploy for the votes of Non Muslims.  Non-Muslims will pay a heavy price if they continue to believe that PAS is an alternative. To continue to support and vote PAS is not only a folly but may turn out be an unmitigated disaster for Non-Muslims and their generations to come. Are Non-Muslims prepared to gamble their future and the future of their children.

The recent events in Egypt must be a reminder to Non-Muslims. There, the peoples revolution was hijacked by Islamist and having taken power, the Islamist have moved to subjugate Non-Muslims and Non-Muslims are fast losing their rights and identity in Islamist Egypt. Is this what Non-Muslims want.  

DAP can no longer be an apologist for PAS and must not be a complicit to PAS evil plans. DAP must realise that PAS is no longer an honest an viable partner of Pakatan Rakyat and must be courageous to admit. In 1999, DAP took a courageous stand and once again DAP must take a stand.               


  1. I aggree with you. So who to vote now? BN? I guess the choice is between the crocodiles mouth or the lions mouth.

  2. When everyone in the opposition party is working their asses off to win votes and change the government, your comments couldn't have come at a 'better' time. I mean, wow, you must be thrilled to be one of the very few reasons why eventually PKR loses (if they do lose). If you think implementing hudud and other Islamic related restrictions are bigger than the entire nation's long standing problems, I must say you've forgotten why you're even in the party. You don't even share the basic principle these people fight on. Shame on you, big shame.