Wednesday, August 28, 2013


This must be a first and may even be a start. Nevertheless, this may be start of things to come.

The majority of  Ridzuan Condominium residents voted in their Annual General Meeting held on July 6 against renting their units to foreigners from the African continent whom they allege to have caused a lot of nuisance. Ridzuan Condominium is a 14 year old Condominium at Bandar Sunway near Petaling Jaya which started as a high-end condominium which property analysts now see a downward trend for its value in recent years.

According to the memo signed by the Chairman of the Joint Management Body of Ridzuan Condominium states that the presence of Africans have among others :

1          created a lot of nuisance and problems to the community;
2          caused the property prices to go down;
3          made it difficult to rent out or sell their units to other prospective customers.

As such, it was resolved during the AGM that any resident who has an African tenant is to cancel the rental and to vacate them from their units within three months from the date of the AGM.

Although s.44(5) of the Strata Title Act 1985 states that no by-law can prohibit or restrict the lease of a building, giving the proprietor rights to individual unit owners, nevertheless s.44(2) of the Act states that the management corporation may by special resolution make additional by-laws for regulating the control, management, administration, use and enjoyment of the subdivided building.
The effect of this is that although the by-law can be challenged since the Strata Titles Act prevails over it, the ban against renting to Africans will remain until it is challenged in court.

I must congratulate the courageous act and decision of the residents of Ridzuan Condominium who have had it with the African menace. Hopefully, owners and residents of other condominiums and apartments will also take similar action as the residents of Ridzuan condominium. Just remember Ridzuan Condominium started as an upscale condominium and the presence of Africans there have brought down the value of the units.

Africans in Malaysia have grown from being a nuisance to becoming a menace and now to become a national security threat. Waves after waves of Africans are entering the country and it is strange that the Immigration authorities can be so easily hoodwinked by them. Isn’t it strange that Africans coming to Malaysia wanting to learn English language when their country’s curriculum is in English. Shouldn’t the Immigration authorities be circumspect with Africans wanting to come to study in “questionable” colleges and “questionable courses”.

I have written many times on the African menace and my articles was uploaded in esteemed blogs Outsyedthebox and even had a front page expose’ in the Malay Mail with the then Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, KohillanPillay commenting on my article. I also complimented how the almost 20,000 Korean community mostly nestled in an area in Ampang which has grown to be known as Little Korea are law abiding residents who hardly ever give any problems unlike the Africans and the Iranians,

The Malay Mail reported that Immigration Department records showed that a total of 79,352 Africans entered the country in 2012. The Immigration Department also issued 25,467 student visas to Africans in 2012 to study in public and private universities. I wonder how many African over-stayers and immigration offenders are still in Malaysia.

It is reported in today’s Star, that the starting this Sunday an estimated half a million illegal immigrants will be hunted down for the deportation. A multi-agency exercise involving 135,000 personnel involving the immigration department, police, armed forces, Rela, Civil Defence, National Registration Department and local councils. I wish all our brave men all the best and happy hunting. Let there be no let up against the Africans. Malaysians too can also play the part by informing the authorities of the Africans residing or hiding in their neighbourhood  or in their condominiums and apartments. Let us all help the country weed out the unwanted Africans.

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