Friday, August 30, 2013


No one can better carry BN’s and the government’s cojones than Deputy Education Minister P.Kamalanathan. If Indians think that he being from MIC can be relied on by the Indian community particularly in times of need, well … just forget it.

Much has been written about the SK Seri Pristina incident where Non-Muslim students were made to eat in the school’s changing room/bathroom during the fasting month.

The  incident has since then morphed into many things with the latest being the Sungai Buluh police chief Junaidi Bujang denying that their police officers had questioned the school children of SK Seri Pristina and then a day after denying, admitting that the police merely interviewed the school children.

Instead of taking the bulls by the horns once and finding a resolvement and not  allow the “eating in the changing room” issue to fester on, out comes P.Kamalanathan who now claim that the Seri Pristina incident is a “small problem” compared to other schools which have done well in integrating its students. Then he reels out the statistics that out of 10,094 schools 90 to 95 per cent have done very well on national integration.

Really ? I am not sure what weed he is smoking when he talks about national schools and integration  because the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 makes startling revelation that the proportion of Chinese students enrolled in SJKC increased from 92% to 96% in 2011 and the shift for Indian students were even more dramatic, showing an increase from 47% to 56%. So, pray may I ask how has the national integration come about in the national schools.

Then again, articulating intelligently is a premium with P.Kamalanathan when one remembers that in an interview last year by the Sun and when questioned how was the MIC helping Indian youth, he replied “in my constituency we have identified 240 Indian youths and sent them to a college offering courses such as grass cutting, wiring…”

Until then,  the good people of Malaysia and the Indians in particular had never even known that there was a college offering grass cutting courses. Then again preparing Indian youths as grass cutters might rank as a great achievement from a (Deputy) Education Minister to whom Indians have entrusted their children’s future.

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